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As experienced professionals in the finance & accounting staffing arena, and the job market in general, we pride ourselves in our ability to share insights with our candidates and clients. Please see below for some of our recent blog postings and published articles.


Secrets to An Effective Virtual Onboarding Process

I find myself fortunate as a recruiter to be in a profession that revolves entirely around people.  I seek to understand what drives people, what they’re good at, what they see themselves doing five years…


Top 3 Reasons to Hire A Consultant

Haven’t we all been there?  If you find yourself overwhelmed or your staff is becoming overworked, a consultant can provide immediate relief while keeping your team (and yourself) sane!


Leaving Public Accounting for an Industry Job Allowed Me To _________.

Leaving public accounting is a huge decision for many accountants. There is a clear career path, great opportunities, and better pay than most. BUT leaving can also open doors you would’ve never expected.


Flourishing Under Our New Normal

As we have been pushing through weeks of “quarantine life” and are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, I think it is important to address not only the impact this virus has had on businesses and hiring, but also…

A Career Relocation Checklist

Time and time again, I hear candidates tell stories about the hardships they face when attempting to move to a new market and find quality employment.

The Secret to Retaining Employees

As someone who specializes in Accounting & Finance staffing in the Tampa Bay market, it would be stating the obvious by saying that it’s a challenging labor market for those looking to hire. 

Advantages of Consulting & Temporary Staffing as a Resource

Sometimes when employers or job seekers hear the word temps or consultants, they shy away from the job posting or the conversation.

A Few “Dos and Don’ts” of Interviewing

Interviews are fun, right?  Ok, maybe not for everyone, but there ARE things you can do to make them easier!