Can it be true?? Is ‘Busy Season’ Coming to an End!

  • Savannah Higgins
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Are there so many questions in your mind right now?


Can I handle another busy season?           Should I use my PTO and just coast this summer?             Can I hold out for my promotion?

             What do I want to do next in my career?           What if I don’t like it?                    What is the right time to leave?               

How do I leverage this market to maximize my earning potential?                 Do I even like my job, or is it just the people?       

                       Am I really an Accountant?                    What does daylight look like?


The good news is, there are people here at Taylor White to help you. We’ve been there, done that…and know these questions well, because WE LIVED THEM!  


Get directly connected to one of our Candidate Experience team representatives to get ALL of your questions answered here:


And while you’re at it, enjoy some recommended resources to hear from people just like you share their own past or current journey through public accounting!


Fishbowl – Specially, check out the bowl titled “Accounting Exit Opportunities.” Hear what other people JUST LIKE YOU have to say regarding leaving public accounting


B4 and After – A Podcast completely dedicated to professionals that started their career in Big 4 and what they did after. Here’s a Podcast on options when exiting public by our very own Shareholder, Heather Ceresoli. Career Paths After Public Accounting w/ Recruiting Manager Heather Ceresoli (