Assessing Your Current Market Value

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Assessing Your Current Market Value


“The Tampa Bay job market is crazy!” 

How often have we heard that phrase in the last couple of years?  As an experienced Recruiting Manager specializing in Accounting in Finance, I would tell you that this is an understatement.  Tampa Bay is a hot market for a myriad of reasons. Whether you appreciate our competitive cost of living, award winning beaches, perfect weather, championship sports teams, or our amazing craft food, Tampa Bay is being seen as the place to be!  Recently named Zillow’s hottest housing market going into 2022, it’s clear that top talent AND companies alike are flocking to the area, and this has had a major impact on job demand in our market.  When you couple that with healthy corporate growth, relocations and acquisitions, as well as interest by companies from other markets looking to attract our talent for fully remote roles, we have seen market prices for talent in the Accounting & Finance arena make significant strides.  This means now is the perfect time to reconsider your worth!


How can you go about determining your current market value?

  1. Connect with your trusted recruiter – Be sure to connect with a subject matter expect, both within your specific market AND industry.  As a former accounting professional myself, relationships with trusted advisors who had my best interest at heart was how I made some of my best career moves.
  2. Browse the job boards – We all have our favorites, with some of mine being LinkedIn, Indeed, or even just a simple Google Search.  The important thing is to utilize filters to narrow the search to your location and comparable positions that include salary ranges, while paying close attention to qualifications (CPA, Master’s Degree, years of experience), as well as the size and sophistication of the company you’re comparing to your own.
  3. Utilize salary guides – There are a number of salary guides available on the internet as a point of reference. Please keep in mind these guides are meant to be a starting point and take into account many factors, including education, certifications, years of experience, size/sophistication of company, public/private background and more.  When in doubt, use this as a starting point and couple it with one of the other options above. Looking for a quick gut check? See below for a quick snapshot of some of the illustrative positions, and related price tags, we’re seeing in Tampa today! Taylor White has been helping accounting and finance professionals within the Tampa Bay market for over 20 years!  As the premier recruiting agency in this area, we are constantly advising both our candidates and clients as to market trends. 


The following chart highlights salary ranges that we are currently seeing, right here in Tampa Bay, for some of our more popular positions.  These ranges reflect base salary estimates and reflect current market averages.  As mentioned above, factors such as education, years of experience, certifications, size of company, background, etc. can impact a candidate’s market value and thus could influence these ranges.


Don’t see your position above? Contact your Taylor White representative today to learn more!

 Now is the time to consider making your next career move!  A simple conversation with your recruiter and some quick research can quickly help you determine if you are currently undervalued in this booming market.  Feel free to reach out to me, or your TaylorWhite contact, today! 


Desiré Sheils Nelson