The Ripple Effect of Giving Back: Enriching Lives and Empowering Change

  • Savannah Higgins
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“Giving back” – it’s a simple phrase that’s very significant. While the chaos and business of our daily lives can often push community activism to the sidelines, the act of giving back can bring benefits that extend far beyond immediate impact. Engaging with one’s community through volunteering, supporting nonprofit organizations, or actively participating in local initiatives can invigorate your everyday life and leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle life’s challenges.  


Step 1: Find Your Passion and Purpose 

Do some research to find an organization that resonates with your passions and values. There is a variety of local and national nonprofit organizations in Tampa Bay that would welcome individuals like you to support their cause! Consider looking into entities like the Great Futures Professional Council of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay, a dynamic community of young professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of local youth. Alternatively, the Metropolitan Ministries Ambassador Board leverages its members’ professional networks to spread the organization’s efforts to alleviate homelessness in our community while offering unique opportunities to make a hands-on impact.  


Step 2: Do Your Homework and Make Connections 

Reach out to stakeholders at the nonprofit organization; gather information on upcoming events or councils/boards that you can potentially join. If you are not ready to join a council, you can inquire about upcoming volunteer events. This step offers a chance to look at the organization’s objectives, strategies, and current projects, laying the foundation for your involvement. 


Step 3: Commit to Consistency 

While life’s demands can be overwhelming, committing to attending events and meetings is important. Take advantage of your calendar and plan ahead! 


Giving back to the community —whether it be through your time, talent, or treasure—has a ripple effect. Engaging in community involvement will allow you to meet other professionals in Tampa that have likeminded interests; volunteering not only fosters connections, but it also fosters enduring friendships. The act of giving back reinforces a sense of gratitude for one’s own circumstances while cultivating empathy and compassion for others. Witnessing some of the challenges our local Tampa Bay neighbors face and the tenacity with which they tackle these challenges is truly inspirational. Hopefully, that will flow through to your work and other aspects of your life integrating empathy, compassion, and determination to your everyday routine! 



Written by: Sarah Zapata