Advantages of Consulting & Temporary Staffing as a Resource

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Sometimes when employers or job seekers hear the word temps or consultants, they shy away from the job posting or the conversation. Well, I am here to help you see just how advantageous temporary or consulting work can be… whether you are the employer or the job seeker!

Advantages for Employers

As an employer, we tend to be singularly focused on finding a permanent hire. Why would you want to spend the time and money training someone who is going to leave in a couple of months? H ere are just a few scenarios where that makes perfect sense!

Specific Projects

Think about all those niche projects that you may not have necessarily had the ideal person working on, but you simply didn’t have anyone else to do it. There are contract resources out there that have the specific experience you need that could be brought in for just this purpose. You want to be assured it will be done right, and you don’t want to have to bring someone on full-time who you may never need again.

Busy Season / Year End

I know everyone loves year end, or any other particularly busy season. You end up short staffed, drowning in work, or putting undue stress on your existing team. If only there was a way to fix this!  Oh wait, there is. Many companies have turned to temporary resources during peak periods to provide the extra hands they need to get them through their crunch time.

Try Before you Buy

This means exactly what it says. Maybe you are still thinking through the structure of the role. What skills do you really need? Should this position be filled full-time?  Do you need a different skillset for a period but then a lighter level “maintenance” resource thereafter? With contract staffing, you can take the position and the skillset for a test spin.  Even better, if the contract resource fits in with the team, and if you think you need the position full-time, you can feel even more confident in bringing them on board!

Advantages for Job Seekers

As a job seeker you may hesitate to entertain a temporary position thinking it will look bad on your resume. Or perhaps you’re worried about finding another position in a couple of months when the contract assignment ends. Well, there are many benefits to temporary work that will help boost your career.

Filling A Gap Between Jobs

Unfortunately, many of us have dealt with being unexpectedly unemployed – whether you were laid off, had personal matters to address, or just needed a break. Accepting a temporary position is a great way to make some money and keep your skills sharp while you determine what you want to do next. A temporary position can mean part-time (working less than 40 hours a week) or could mean a short period where you are working full-time hours. Temporary work fills the gap on your resume and provides financial stability, thereby affording you the luxury of being picky while you search for your long-term home.

Gaining Experience

Temporary work is also a great way to build your resume. It allows you to gain experience in a new function or industry that interests you. Perhaps you will gain exposure to a new accounting system, or work with a team that has credibility in the market. You can gain key skills or experiences so when you are looking to take that next step in your career, you will have even better marketability.

Try Before You Buy

Try before you buy does not only apply to the employers. It is a great way for the job seeker to see if they would like to work in that role, company, or industry. Maybe you go in with the attitude of just wanting some extra money, and you turn out loving the job and company culture. Many temps end up converting when something permanent opens on the team. What better way to “interview” than by working the job itself? Perhaps you are interested in a new industry or position but are not positive you want to make the full leap. Why not date before you marry?

Temporary or consulting work can sometimes be initially discounted as an option, although, in truth, it really can be beneficial for both the employer and the job seeker. Our Accountability and Taylor White teams cover everything from light level temporary needs to executive level consulting. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!